Organizing with Magazine File Holders

If you are like me, you have tons and tons of bills, papers, magazines, and mail that either end up getting lost (which is horrible when it’s a bill!), ruined/ripped, or take forever to find. Thankfully magazine file holders are perfect for organizing various materials whether at home or work! They come in many styles, colors, and sizes so you can transition them to your personal decor.

Where can you buy them? Here are some places you can buy them pretty inexpensively (not a fan of the word “cheap” since it illustrates low cost with low quality material):

  • Ikea – neutral colors (white, black, gray)
    • Price: $4 for a set of 4
  • Current Catalog – dark pink, gray, purple
    • Price: $4.49 for a set of 3
  • Evelots – red, yellow, orange, green, purple, and blue
    • Price: $16 for a set of 12 (2 of each color)
  • Poppin – aqua, pink, red, white
    • Price: $15 each
  • Target – various colors and prices
  • Staples – various colors and prices
  • Container Store – various colors and prices
  • Local dollar stores/99 cent stores


How do you organize with magazine file holders? 

  • Use labels or stickers on the outside of the holders to categorize what material will be going into each holder.
  • Color code if you don’t want to use labels or stickers (i.e. – black holder will be mail, white holder will be bills, gray holder will be forms).
  • Glue/hot glue a piece of chalkboard to the holder and use chalk to label or write notes.
  • You can place them upright or on their side in pretty much any location you can think of (i.e. – the wall, desk, under a printer, book shelves, ceiling). Just be careful with the material you use for the file holders as some might be too flimsy or too hard to use.

What other ways can you use magazine file holders? You can use file holders for more than documents or magazines:


There are plenty of more ideas and creative ways to use magazine or filing holders, just got to try them to see what works and what you like!

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